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Get to Know Us


A single vision turned into reality by founder Jarle Lanza and his wife Paola Lanza. Passionate about prospering in the construction industry. Stared by Mr. Lanza's valuable work experience and knowledge. 

Jarle Lanza

 Mr. Lanza started working at the age of 15 to provide for his family. Working in South Carolina and all over the southern states, he gained knowledge and skills from years in the commercial construction building industry at major companies such as

Interior Group and Precision Walls. Mr. Lanza also obtained excellent skills from working as a brick and block assistant, marble stone installer, tree trimmer, and various renovation projects he completed throughout the years. 


Our Company 

Risking it all after the pandemic in 2020, Mr. and Mrs. Lanza decided to start a company of their own focusing on residential renovations.

Today Jarle’s Painting & Drywall is a company of many abilities, such as professional interior and exterior painting, metal and wood framing, professional drywall installation, window glazing, deck building, acoustical ceiling installation, flooring and more. 

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